The Top 8 Content Marketing Strategies For Small Business

Content marketing Strategies for Small Business

As a small entrepreneur, are you unsure of your ongoing or to-be content marketing strategy? A sound content marketing strategy helps a business to find new customers digitally and also impress the existing ones. Here are some points depicting the importance of content marketing strategies for small business.

  • Successful content marketing strategies highlight your business service or product.
  • Increases business reach significantly.
  • Engages existing audience strengthening loyalty and repeat sales.
  • Offers value to customers and prospects, building reliability and strengthening relationships.
  • Offers incredible returns on investment if done rightly!

But trust us when we say that nearly 90% of content gets zero traffic! This implies that a majority of the contents formed are never seen. That’s a scary fact, especially for small entrepreneurs of today who want to make it big in the competition, piggybacking on the scopes of online marketing, across various digital marketing platforms.

Given the stat above, invariably your entrepreneur mind will ask the following question…

What Are The Hurdles In The Way Of A Successful Content Marketing? – Problem Statement!

  • No high-quality content
  • Inconsistent publishing
  • Contents lacking expertise
  • Content not aligned with different buyer persona
  • Content without proper formats
  • Contents do not align with the buyer’s journey
  • Choosing the wrong channels for content
  • Content carrying no value
  • Content Carrying no brand personality
  • Content carrying no proper messaging structure

These are the exact problems an entrepreneur must look out for. These challenges arise because of the presence of so many brands. Each and every one of them is pumping out content every single day. Target audiences globally are no less than facing a ‘content bombardment’ kind of situation where they are constantly being fed with so much information. Only the right content will fetch the company its desired organic traffic – which actually solves nearly half of the business’s struggle.

Coming back to the challenges, now that you have come across the problem statement, it’s time you know the solutions for these as well. So, have a look at the following

Solution Statement To The Content Marketing Challenges – A Guide For Entrepreneurs

Content marketing Strategies for Small Business & Challenges in content marketing

  • Is your content carrying no value?

Implement intriguing tonality when it comes to writing a business content. Rather than preaching, focus on showing your target audience a problem that they might be facing or may face and also provide them solutions to the same. This way, they will find your brand valuable and relevant.

  • Does your brand lack personality?

If you are a business operating solely for profit-earning, then the bad news is, you will not sustain long. With so many brands operating in the same domain, target audiences choose to stick with the ones that have a personality, beyond profiteering. This may be reflected through social-message carrying or knowledge-imparting contents that work as a lead magnet too.

  • Does your content lack a proper messaging structure?

If the messaging is plain, it will not stand out, if the messaging is too complicated, people will not understand, if the messaging is too lengthy, people will not connect. Entrepreneurs need to strike the right balance between these challenges and only then, he or she will be able to get the attention of the target audience.

  • Is your content not high-quality?

Producing the same content as other companies makes no sense. As an entrepreneur, you have to strive to create something unique and appealing. You can research on your competitor’s content to match the standard and never cross the line between inspiration and plagiarism. Make sure your content is as impactful as the examples you are observing.

  • Are you publishing your content inconsistently?

60% of marketers are making the mistake of publishing content inconsistently. Rather than being haphazard, it is ideal to build and follow a calendar because the inconsistent approach in publishing content will result in inconsistent target audience engagement. This will also create a benchmark of your brand’s impact in the market.

  • Is your content lacking expertise?

Creating a content without involving dedicated specialists for the job is another grave mistake. A content produced without the inclusion of dedicated experts never fetches the desired engagement. Only with the right involvement of a digital marketing manager, subject matter expert, content writer or copywriter, and a graphic artist, the desired results will be gained.

  • Is your content not understanding different buyer personas?

One of the many best ways to understand buyer persona is to simply ask them what they want, which is actually never done by nearly 58% of B2B marketers. For example, some might like graphic content, some may like blogs, and some prefer videos. It is your job to figure out which works best with your audience and follow that.

  • Is your content lacking the most suitable format?

If you have invested a significant amount of time and money in creating a flagship content, make use of it to the fullest. Repurpose them as much as you can and spread them across various platforms in various formats and keep adding value to them.

  • Is your content not aligned with the buyer journey?

Create value-adding content for every level of your buyer journey and make sure the narrative is presented in the most perfect format. For example – PR articles are perfect for raising awareness whereas, videos help influence buyers through the consideration phase.

  • Are you not choosing the right channel for content?

There is a plethora of content publishing and marketing channels but as an entrepreneur, you have to choose the right ones that will complement your content. The intention is to reach the right audience and hence, choosing the right platform is indeed crucial in this case.

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Now that the solutions are here, how are you thinking of remodeling or designing your existing or brand-new content marketing strategies? Here are the

Top 8 Proven Content Marketing Ideas To Strengthen Small Business

Content marketing Strategies for Small Business

  1. Written Content Like Articles & Blogs

The very first point of a successful content strategy is marked up by articles and blog posts. With the amalgamation of the right topic, the relevant tonality, the right buzz and keywords, and search engine optimized accents – every written content can be ideal for attracting readers and potential customers when it’s useful and value-adding. But, the internet is a vast space, and with the audience’s attention span becoming smaller every day, written content has to be that much more appealing to turn the heads of the readers towards the brand.

  1. Creating Videos & Photos

Humans are visual-loving creatures. Images attract the attention more than text because our brain processes images more quickly than the alphabet. Hence, the presence of images and videos is mandatory in any successful content marketing strategy. The easiest way of doing so is by implementing graphics within the written content of the company. The more relevant, the better.

  1. Creating Infographics

When was the last time you read a textual content, loaded with complex information? Whenever it was, we are pretty sure that it must have been hard for you to comprehend the data. Now, infographics are such outstanding creations that will cut down complex information into bite-sized information, which you can easily remember. The best part is that infographics are based on graphics where texts are written with complimenting graphic elements and icons, presented colorfully.

  1. Listing Contents

Just like this informative, the written content like ‘Top xx so and so” has always managed to stir interest among target audiences. These contents, if strike the right chord of interest of the audience, are shared virally. If you get to create an outstanding content like this, your audience will spread your word skillfully.

  1. Create Case Studies

Small businesses operating on the B2B model most of the time face trouble in conveying their scope of products & services. To ensure the clients about how their offerings can be of help, creating case studies is a brilliant option.

  1. Creating Interactive Content

Contents must always carry accents that involve active engagement of the audience once they are done comprehending the message of the content. Hence, creating a series of interactive content like clickable images, polls, and downloadable content might engage an audience and generate more leads for business success. For example, besides the contact form of a business, if you implement a price calculator for choosing customizable service options, the audience will spend more time on your website.

  1. Podcasts For Loyal followers

Other than gathering a new audience, a business has to keep the loyal customers well-fed with regular content and for the ultimate loyalists, podcasts work wonderfully! These are mostly audio and now video content that are uploaded regularly by the companies so that the audience can listen to them or watch at their disposal. Podcasts are popular today mainly because of the mobile devices.

  1. Content Repurpose

Once the content marketing strategy results are in, the next step is to repurpose those contents into various other formats. Based on the metrics like the posts that engaged most users, you can take that topic and convert it into other formats like text into infographics, blogs into PPTs, and so on.

Content marketing can be a challenging task for small entrepreneurs, especially if they want to do things all by themselves. Hence, the best way to conduct a flawless content marketing is to delegate the tasks to professionals. What are the

Risks Of Conducting Content Marketing Without Professionals?

  • Getting started with the contents and fetching desired results can be time-consuming
  • Measuring results can be difficult
  • Impossible to compete with other brands that use professional help, like outsourcing
  • May lack creativity
  • Unable to keep pace with dynamic content trends
  • Lack of the right skills and knowledge

So, as an entrepreneur, you can very well understand the importance of hiring professionals for your needs. The next question that arises, is

Who are the most ideal professionals for content marketing?

Content marketing Strategies for Small Business - Virtual Assistants

Here, you get the following 3 options:

  • In-house team – Small entrepreneurs work on a tight budget and hence it is nearly impossible for them to hire salaried professionals.
  • Freelancers – They are no doubt great professionals but they come with the risk of missing deadlines, not taking feedback sincerely, and worst – absconding from the project mid-way!
  • Virtual Assistants – The best of the lot! Remote professionals belonging to Virtual assistance-providing companies like Curingbusy are chosen by global entrepreneurs around the world to get their business goals fulfilled and accomplished with great results. Hiring Curingbusy’s Virtual Assistants for your content marketing purpose comes with the following benefits

  1. We understand your audience and create relevant content
  2. We set measurable goals for content, KPIs of which strengthen our strategies for future
  3. We focus on blogging and help you establish your niche for better website traffic
  4. We send regular email newsletters
  5. We create a strong social media presence with share-worthy content for your target audience
  6. We create strategic content calendars for consistent & optimal content posting
  7. We skillfully repurpose your content into various formats
  8. We have skilled video content creators
  9. We believe in leveraging user-generated content
  10. We create content that aligns with your customer sales funnel
  11. We promote your content properly
  12. We track your content marketing results and strengthen our efforts for the next strategies
  13. Our contents address customer pain points and provide the best solution
  14. We create original content
  15. We create relevant content
  16. Our contents are accurate and informative
  17. We focus on creating actionable content


With so many benefits, it is evident that hiring Virtual professionals is the best choice for your small-scale company to thrive amidst so many competitors in the market. Content marketing is the best aspect for your business to build a reliable image and establish an authority for your brand when the competition is tough. Harness the challenges with strategies of consistent growth with remote content specialists of Curingbusy by your side. Know more about us and our Virtual Assistants at today. you can also Book a free meeting or Send us your requirements.

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