Why Us??

We don't want to make lengthy promises, that's why we have
a 2 week trial period

Why choose CuringBusy?

  • Matching with a VA based on your needs
  • Interview the VA before sign up
  • Affordable rates, starting at $400/month
  • Multi-linguistic assistants- English, German, Hindi
  • 2 week trial period
  • Providing multi-skilled, experienced assistants
  • Flexible Time Zone options
  • Subscription Basis – No contract locking period
  • Quick Replacement , if your present VA doesn’t fit your needs.

Our Virtual Assistant

We select our assistants after a tough selection process. This helps to make sure that the VA assigned to you has good communication skills, is organised, smart and trustworthy.

  • Thoroughly vetted assistants – only 2-5% of all applicants are selected.
  • Skilled Assistants – We provide both general and highly experienced, multi-skilled assistants according to your needs.
  • Have Experience of 1 – 10 years

Why do you need a VA?

Are you an entrepreneur/professional who has been juggling business and life and still seem to never get everything done? Well, that’s why you need a Virtual Assistant:

  • To delegate tasks worth $8-15/hr, so you can focus on tasks that can make you $1000/hr.
  • To free up more time in your life to relax and to spend time with loved ones.
  • To scale up your business faster.
  • To keep you sane and organised while you chase your entrepreneurial dreams.

2 Weeks Trial Period Available

Starting at $400/Month