The Top Five Classic Strategies Of Lead Generation In Digital Marketing

Lead Generation In Digital Marketing

Back in the early 90’s, when the new concept of ‘E-businesses’ took off, there was no looking back for the entrepreneurs. Since then, in the past thirty years, right along with the technology, E-business too has evolved drastically. The primary advantage of E-commerce is that business owners can reach more target consumers than they could in brick-mortar set-up and beyond the geographical barriers. By spending much less money and in just less time, entrepreneurs can reach a wide array of customers. Today, even a small business based out of Portugal can launch and experience the desired results in lead generation in digital marketing campaigns across the USA, that too, on a meager budget.

What Is The Importance Of Lead Generation In Digital Marketing?

Importance of Lead Generation In Digital Marketing

85% of B2B organizations opine that lead generation is the most crucial marketing goal

Lead generation is a marketing practice of capturing the interest of the target audience and diverting them towards a service or product of the brand. Lead generation, as a process, guides the prospective customers into the sales funnel and pipeline until they are ready to make the purchase. The goal here is to figure out the potential customers and transform them from lead to final customers.

Generating leads is a crucial part of a business’s sustenance. An effective lead-generation process amplifies brand credibility and effectively reflects the tangible results and ROIs of the efforts made. If the lead generation process is not done correctly, the company loses sales which gradually leads to short staffing, budget cuts, etc. But a solid lead generation process allows the target consumers to grow organically, through the marketing path. A great lead generation strategy results in happier customers, increased sales, happier sales reps, and a stable status of your business in the market.

What Is The General Framework Of Lead Generation Strategy?

Lead generation strategies are considered to be dynamic scientifically. However, this does not signify that marketers must throw every resource at the wall and see which ideas stick. Read below to learn about the fool-proof 6-point framework that guarantees lead generation within digital marketing strategies.

Lead Generation In Digital Marketing

  1. Accessing The Sales Funnel

Lead generation strategies make entrepreneurs aware of the brand reception. The strategies also produce sales opportunities, create demands, and do much more to turn leads into potential customers. Finding out how many leads the entrepreneur will need to generate to touch the lead generation target income requires certain calculations. This is the reason for entrepreneurs to calculate their ‘lead-to-sales’ ratio for determining the number of leads they need to generate.

  1. Creating The Right Content

Telling the prospective customers of a business that they can do something does not help. The entrepreneurs have to show that. This can be done perfectly when the entrepreneurs create the right content that enlightens and empowers the prospects to own the solution they have been looking for. The prospects must understand what you, the entrepreneur are selling and what they are buying. Content pieces like landing pages, social media posts, emails, guides, checklists, white papers, case studies, articles, blogs, etc. are all potential lead converters. They showcase the problem as well as a solution that educates the consumers and instills confidence in them regarding the brand and its offerings.

  1. Promoting & Distribution Of Content

Maintaining consistency in content publishing will help the brand gain a reliable status and achieve its growth goals. Entrepreneurs must always research their business ICP to design the best content distribution and promotion plans. An integrated digital marketing strategy is also crucial for consistently engaging prospects across various channels, like E-mails and social media. The entrepreneurs must have a strategy for obtaining high-quality backlinks too. A holistic strategy is always needed for the right content distribution and promotion to achieve the desired growth goals.

  1. Following Up

Prospect or lead nurturing is often considered in the backseat but in reality, it is actually a potent strategy. Marketing professionals must hold their sales counterparts responsible for following up. They must always contact market-qualifying leads that have responded to the E-mails, downloaded a resource, or even joined a website. By using the solution and pain points discussed in the collateral, they must take the conversation ahead with prospective clients.

  1. Automating The Lead Generation Process With AI

The process of lead generation is extremely scalable and entrepreneurs can use advanced tools for the purpose that can automate it effectively. Rather than bombarding the customers with frequent emails, entrepreneurs can use intricate campaigns and artificial intelligence to scale their strategies. Right from scheduling to triggering follow-up E-mails, automation can do everything. Marketing professionals and entrepreneurs hence, save a lot of time and they can use that to focus on targeting high-value clients and leads. Automated lead generation process flows 24/7.

  1. Analyzing Data & Adjusting Strategy 

Marketing campaigns have to be dynamic for success. In case you are not monitoring the analytics and not assessing what does not work, you will never be able to fetch success from them. This information can be easily extracted from tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, SEO analytical tools, Marketing automation platforms, Web analytics tools, etc. These data are eventually turned into reports that showcase where the entrepreneurs should invest and strategize more.

Stats & Facts Of Lead Generation

  • 91% of marketers say lead generation is their most important goal
  • 53% of marketers spend at least half of their budget on lead generation
  • 66% of marketers generate quality leads by spending 6 hours per week doing social media marketing
  • 80% of B2B businesses generate leads via content marketing

What Are Some Of The Best Lead Generation Ideas?

We have rounded up the top 5 best tried and tested lead generation tactics that have been successfully attracting prospects and transforming them into leads for ages. Have a read!

Lead Generation In Digital Marketing

  1. Using Social Media To Its Full Potential

Social media marketing has to be a central part of the lead generation process as the platforms target the most relevant target audience, beyond barriers. If the strategies are carried out correctly, the right audience will be able to come by your posts and updates. Whether you are posting infographics, promoting magnets like webinars or whitepapers, or distributing free downloadable templates – these add value to your customer base on social media. You can also gather ratings from your target audience through social media platforms.

  1. Creating Exit-Intent Popups

Still, now, businesses are hesitant to include popups in the lead generation efforts. Yes, popups are intrusive by nature and pull users away from experiencing a seamless website journey but, these can actually be the most effective lead generation tool when rightly used to align with the scrolling pattern of the visitors. Exit-intent popups show up when the visitor is just about to leave the tab. The best part is that these appear only when the visitor is about to leave, and hence, there is no negative impact. A rightly designed popup can make the visitor stay and even sign up.

  1. Run Sweepstakes & Giveaways

Sweepstakes and giveaways were lucrative marketing tools even before digital marketing came into being. Social media and landing pages are the best places to hold these because more and more people can get updates about them. They also inspire people to spread the word about the brand holding these events. Giving away anything ‘for free’ may be difficult at times, but a brand surely can generate its desired engagement through the ‘likes, follows, and subscriptions’ of its target audiences. For any queries, schedule a free consultation.

  1. Keep Using Lead Magnets

Brands can seldom turn newsletter subscribers into customers. So, to truly attract qualified leads, the business has to engage them with relevant content like lead magnets. Especially for B2B businesses, lead magnets work like a charm. It could virtually be anything that the users can get in exchange for their information. Some typical lead magnets are:

  • Benchmark reports
  • E-books
  • Whitepapers
  • Quizzes
  • Downloadable templates
  • Webinars, Etc.

  1. The Power Of Paid Ads

Paid advertising in lead generation is a powerful combination as a business can reach a larger audience through this. Paid ads can target specific demographics as well as interests, based on which the company can display highly engaging ad content. Organizations, with paid advertisements, experience higher generation of leads, increasing more relevant audience etc. Here are the kinds of paid advertisements for lead generation:

  • Google PPC campaigns
  • Meta ads
  • Amazon ads
  • Retargeting PPC campaigns, Etc.

By piggybacking on paid ads, a business can reach more target audience, convert more leads into sales quickly, control the display of ads till relevant customers, etc. Some of the most common platforms for putting ads are YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Can I Hire Professionals For Lead Generation?

61% of marketers consider lead generation the most challenging task

With this factual number, it is evident that many companies struggle to build, implement, and grow with a strong lead generation strategy in their digital marketing efforts. At this juncture, hiring professionals is the ultimate social that entrepreneurs can take to have a seamless lead generation and conversion journey.

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