Tips For Email Marketing Services For Small Business

Email Marketing Services

With so many digital marketing strategies continuously evolving around us, there’s still a question lingering continuously – “Is e-mail marketing still relevant?”. And the answer is ‘YES’. Having a robust E-mail marketing strategy by the side helps the business connect and reach the target audience in a more personalized way. E-mail marketing if done right, is can be a very profitable channel for the business.

Are you a small venture? Are you managing the E-mail marketing of your company all by yourself? In case you are experiencing one or all of the following:

  • You are unable to leverage data for translating intents to impacts
  • Your content is a bit off-track when it comes to engaging the prospects
  • Your E-mails seem to have lost their strategic footing
  • You are gradually becoming frustrated with the planning & execution
  • Deep down you know your E-mail campaign can reap better results
  • You are not at the stage of investing in building an in-house salaried team
  • You just cannot comprehend the big picture
  • You are unaware of the market trends and can’t figure out marketing tactics
  • You just can’t achieve your goals, no matter how steadfast your approaches are

Then hiring E-mail marketing professionals is just the thing you need. Believe it or not, the underlying cause of this is stress. First, you are a small business owner. Secondly, E-mail marketing is a complex subject, which, unless is managed by a small (at least) team of dedicated experts, can turn out to be an overwhelming job. It takes time for building a strong campaign that strikes the right chord of interest of the audience and it is normal for the entrepreneur, managing it single-handedly, to lack the tone. And the last scathing factor – a tight budget that you just cannot adjust.

How Do The Professional Of Email Marketing Services Serve Your Purpose?

E-mail marketers maximize the value of your E-mail campaigns. They take off the major chunk of load off your plate and give you results that you have been coveting since the very inception of your E-mail marketing. Once you hire professionals, you will be elated to experience the results they drive for your business. So, invariably, your next question would be:

How Would You Find The Best E-mail Marketing Professional For Your Business?

Email Marketing Services

Here, you will get three choices:

  • Hiring an in-house team
  • Hiring a freelancer
  • Hiring services of remote professionals, working for a virtual business services providing company

In the case of first two options, there are a lot of risks involved, like:

  • You may have a tight budget, as a small entrepreneur, who cannot afford to hire a salaried professional.
  • A freelancer works at his or her disposal – it seldom considers the feedback, the expectation and the point of view of the business in his or her work. There’s also the risk of ghosting as well, where the freelancer, without any notice, leaves the project midway.
  • Refer to the benefits of hiring a remote team of e-mail marketers, below

  1. See Your Business Connect Instantly With Target Audience

Drafting emails in the tone that reflects the presence of your customer in your mind, is extremely important. Carrying this tonality for every E-mail is a task that only professionals can conduct. Virtual professionals know the pulse of the customers which sort of empowers them to come up with the brightest E-mail subjects & contents that click with the customers. Be it any issue addressal, conveying information, offering them perks – you name it, the virtual assistants will have the E-mail ready!

  1. Easily Measure How You Are Doing With Their Services

Virtual assistants make for a creative workforce who are unparallelly tech-savvy. They not only send the most engaging E-mails, but they also spend a considerable time around tracking its delivery rate, click-through rate, open rate, etc. These analytics, they generate with the help of the most advanced tools which give you an accurate reflection of their capability to manage your campaigns.

  1. They Make Target Messaging Possible For Lead Nurturing

Let’s say your business has a hundred target customer. So, is it possible for you to single-handedly manage all the mails to nurture them? It will always be impossible. Now, when there’s a team of virtual E-mail marketing specialists working, you can actually see that happen. Targeted messaging is important when you want to turn leads of every stage into final buyer by steering them to ready-to-by stage through frequent E-mails. Creating personalized E-mails goes a long way in this case.

  1. They Focus On Quality More Than Quantity

Everybody wants to sell with an overwhelming number of mails every day but only a few can create a solid impact with only a few mails. Expect to see your business do the latter when there’s a dependable team working in the E-mail management department. Too many times, companies fail to convey information that can be relevant or important to the target companies. Virtual E-mail management teams choose quality mails over bombarding target customers with irrelevant mails, which creates a solid brand awareness for you in the long run.

  1. Experience Timely Deployment Of Your E-mails

Be it an urgent addressal, a regular follow-up or a holiday special – you can see your small company become a favorite overtime with timely deployment of the most relevant E-mails that click, literally. As mentioned earlier, if done right, E-mail marketing can actually fetch amazing results for a brand, just like social media!

Now, coming to the main point of what this write-up is actually all about; here’s how you can select the right virtual E-mail marketing services provider for your small business.

Email Marketing Services
  1. Identify Your Need For E-mail Marketing

Which sectors of E-mail marketing would you like to delegate to virtual experts? This decision actually varies from business to business. In case you are not sure, here we are mentioning the most common ones that are outsourced because these take aggressive expertise:

  • Performance monitoring
  • Contact/ subscriber list
  • Conversion tracking
  • E-mail coding
  • E-mail designing

Based on these, you will be able to figure out whether your outsourcing needs will be partial or you want to delegate the entire E-mail marketing task to the virtual assistants.

  1. Asking For Their Portfolios

When you are trying to find the right E-mail marketing team, always have a look at their portfolio, which gives a clear insight to their capabilities. Their samples will give you a clear glimpse on the quality they work with. If you think they are a good fit, shortlist them and move on to…

  1. Checking For Their Pricing Package

When you are conducting your research for the top E-mail marketing companies, make sure you don’t forget your budget. This is a common issue with many E-mail marketing companies who hide details of their pricing. This is mainly because they never want to disclose theirs to the competitors. When a lead enquires, they reveal the package details to them only. This can be frustrating for small businesses because without knowing the price you cannot keep the shortlisting go further. So always look through the ones who have ‘Nothing to Hide’!

  1. Asking About The Tools They Use

When you are hiring the services of a virtual E-mail marketing management company, you have to know about the tools they use and to what extent those tools would fetch you the desired results. Certain E-mail marketing companies use tools like MailChimp for client campaigns – which is another incredible service! Also, there are companies who have their own E-Mail management tool, which makes them have more control over what they do. Want to know How to schedule an Email in Gmail?

Look for companies like Curingbusy who create, monitor, send E-mail campaigns and manage everything centrally. They keep your campaigns organized and they even use the most cutting-edge tools in the market, powered by latest tech.

  1. Asking The Most Relevant Questions

Whenever you are hiring a virtual assistance service providing company, especially for expert services like E-mail marketing, you shall always ask the most crucial questions. These questions must reflect your understanding of the business, the process you work in, the process they work in, services you want and services that you will get. Ask questions like these which they will be able to answer you. Get better understanding of their company as well, before you make the final call.

  1. Gathering Good Information On Their Team

The team of virtual E-mail marketing professionals that you will be hiring, must meet your expectations and you must be sure that they will drive results. Certain companies have dedicated pages about their teams on their website where leads can gather information about them. You must also check their certifications on the job and determine whether they can deliver effective campaign.

  1. Looking For Other Services They Offer

E-mail marketing is a significant part of the vast expanse of digital marketing. While you are searching for virtual assistance providing companies, look for the ones who offer other services too. As a small entrepreneur, if hiring virtual professionals for your E-mail marketing efforts click, chances are, you would want more growth for your company’s other verticals as well. After generating leads from a successful E-mail marketing stint, you may invariably want to opt for additional services like website designing, social media management, app development, search engine optimization and many more. This will make you E-mail marketing efforts more cohesive.

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Curingbusy is a proud E-mail marketing partner for various organizations around the world and yes, we also offer digital marketing services that include:

  • Research – Trend, Keyword
  • Content Writing (Blog, Copywriting, Editing)
  • Marketing Automations
  • Email Campaigns
  • Paid Promotions
  • Local SEO, SEM, Backlink building
  • Social Media Marketing

Why Choose Curingbusy For E-mail Marketing Management?

Email Marketing Services
  • We save your time.
  • Our packages are customized and pocket-friendly, especially for small-scale ventures.
  • We proudly work with some of the best talents of the industries as our E-mail marketing virtual executives.
  • Hire us ‘on-demand’, as per your business needs for specific E-mail services or for entire-mail marketing management.
  • We believe in transparent communication and hence, keep you in the loop of every development and deployment of E-mail campaigns.
  • We identify your E-mail marketing needs and suggest you with ideas that are aligned with customer needs and market trends. Let’s connect now – CuringBusy.

Wrapping up

E-mail marketing is a powerful tool that empowers business for helping the lead travel towards conversion. It definitely takes a lot of time for creating engaging mails that get the audience interested in making a purchase. It is, hence important for the small venturer to rely on virtual professionals who have relevant experience and expertise to fetch the best results. Want to know more about our E-mail marketing services and team? Connect to us at today.

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