9 Entrepreneur-Errs Dealt By Social Media Virtual Assistant

Entrepreneur-Errs Dealt By Social Media Virtual Assistant

The dynamic digital business world is heavily reliant on the scopes of social media as it stands strong as a successful business strategy. From captivating the audience with a minimal graphic post or a gripping blog, to establishing a strong bond with the business with real-time communication, the social media platforms provide a thriving space of connectivity and sustenance for business. However, managing the social media platforms correctly is not a cakewalk.

It requires the right knowledge, unbridled focus, updated knowledge, and the latest tech-powered infrastructure, and most importantly, TIME! Entrepreneurs, especially owning medium or small-scale businesses often take it upon themselves to manage their social media marketing stints, instead of hiring social media Virtual Assistant or other similar professionals, which is a grave mistake. Here are the

9 Mistakes Of Self-Managing Entrepreneurs Solved By Professionals

Mistakes Of Self-Managing Entrepreneurs Solved By Professionals

  1. No Proper Market Research – Not having a properly researched and well-thought-out social media strategy will limit the scope of your business’s success amidst so many adversaries. Proper research by professionals is done across multiple platforms and is carried out dedicatedly.
  2. Inconsistent Content Posting – Posting less or inconsistently, hampering engagement, reach, and popularity scopes. Hence consistency is always the key to such challenges which professionals accomplish skillfully.
  3. Keeping Target Audiences Undefined – Not defining or being unable to define target audiences is considered just as an excuse. When there are multiple competitors around, a business cannot defend itself from recognizing the potential customers. Competitor analysis can help big time in this case which is another scope of work for professionals.
  4. Late Or No Communication With Audience – Failing to initiate and carry out engaging conversations with target audiences in real time. Professional social media executives communicate in real time with customers and help establish a strong bond with the brand.
  5. Endless Reliance On Automation – Relying too much on Automation which gradually loses on creativity, uniqueness, and human touch. When a target audience realizes that instead of a human, their concerns are handled by automated elements, they move swiftly to the competitors that offer human wisdom for addressing their challenges. Professional social media experts are helpful for implementing that human touch in their marketing efforts.
  6. Unable To Track Social Media Performance – Not tracking or being unable to track the performance of social media efforts using a software is no less than a technological drawback for a company in today’s date. Entrepreneurs should make it a point to hire professionals who implement such tools & easily get insights into their social media marketing efforts.
  7. Same Strategy For All Channels – Choosing a one-size-fit-all strategy for multiple social media channels. This can never be a solution because each and every platform is different and so should be their management strategies. Choose professional social media executives for unique strategization.
  8. No Content Repurposing – Not using content in multiple formats is a crime. Content repurposing is a great way of expanding the brand’s content library. A blog posted two months back, can easily turned into an infographic as a visual content, and posted across image-based platforms. Content repurposing needs a creative vision and a team of virtual social marketing professionals can be ideal for this.
  9. Not Posting Contents At The Correct Time – Not boosting the right post at the right time. This is a very common malpractice among the entrepreneurs who are managing by themselves. This tendency can be obliterated by the inclusion of social media experts in your company.

At this point, you must have been convinced that social media marketing management is not a job for a one-man army, rather, requires a team of hardworking professionals. A proper social media marketing team generally is made up of

  • A social media manager – a professional knowing the nitty-gritty of every social media platform. He or she is responsible for deciding the type of content required for the brand to achieve its desired goals.
  • A graphic designer – A professional who specifically focuses on creating high-quality and professional graphics using technologically advanced tools.
  • A content creator – A professional who focuses on the creation of digital content which can include graphics, captions, videos, blogs, photos, etc.
  • A social data analyst – A professional who analyzes the performance as well as behavior across the brand’s social media campaigns and accounts and expresses the insights through meaningful decisions.
  • An influencer marketer – A professional who oversees the brand’s connection with campaigns and partnerships. This person is responsible for managing everything, right from reaching out to managing campaigns as well as researching the most relevant and right partners.

The Dilemma Of Choosing The Right Professional

The very next question that arises in the reader’s mind is how to find the best professional to build a team? To get the clarity, we have to get a clarity over the global economy in recent times. Entrepreneurs, rather than building a team in-house have increased their reliance on professionals like freelancers and virtual business services providers. Why? Because in the long run, this decision proves to be immensely cost-effective. Having a team of in-house employees means the business is required to have a perpetual cost covered in terms of salary and other related benefits. Also, there’s an infrastructure cost which includes paying for electricity, water, internet, maintenance, and other bills.

To save their businesses from these costs, entrepreneurs are relying more on outsourcing the tasks, and here’s

How Outsourcing Social Media Management Efforts Can Be Rewarding For Entrepreneurs

Social Media Virtual Assistant

Now that in this point, we understand the relevance and concept of social media outsourcing, let’s delve deep into the reasons that make it a strategic move for entrepreneurs:

  1. Enhance Your Brand’s Digital Presence

When you are outsourcing, you are actually hiring professionals who have specialized knowledge in creating compelling contents that drive engagement. These professionals also develop effective strategies that enable you to achieve your growth goals. These experts have the right idea regarding the latest trends, best practices, and algorithms for different social media channels that allow the brand to stay relevant and increase its visibility.

  1. Save Yourself A Lot Of Time

Outsourcing social media management frees up time for entrepreneurs which allows them to invest their important time into strategic decision-making, overall business growth and product development. Outsourcing saves a lot of expenses that are associated with hiring and training. Outsourcing eliminates the need to purchase expensive tools for social media management as the professionals already have access to technologically advanced softwares, analytical systems and tools.

  1. Get Access To Advanced Tools & Expertise

With outsourcing, get access to an entire team of experts who are specialized with immense experience and knowledge in the field. The social media management professionals stay updated with the emerging technologies, latest market trends and most importantly, customer preferences that together help them streamline their process. They also contribute to improving business efficiency and provide in-depth analytics for the business strategies. They optimize the overall digital marketing efforts for your business.

  1. Get Quality Content For Consistent Posting

Creating relevant and engaging content and consistently posting them on social media is the key to unwavering success. However, it becomes challenging for the entrepreneurs to come up with fresh new ideas all the time and be at par with the regular schedules of posting. And this is where social media truly shines. Outsourcing ensures that the social media accounts are consistently updated with customized content that are of high quality, complimented with eye-catching designs and persuasive texts, perfectly exuding the brand’s tone and value. An outsourcing agency strategizes content themes, calendars, and campaigns beforehand so that the company can enjoy a cohesive social media presence.

If Not Build An In-House Team, Who Are The Next Best Alternatives?

Social Media Virtual Assistant

At this point, entrepreneurs get two choices:

  • Hiring Freelancers

Hiring freelancers to delegate repetitive tasks is a great choice. Freelancing professionals are incredibly fine and it’s great to work with them as they bring fresh concepts to the table. But there are a lot of risks involved while working with an individual, all-for-self professional. At the one hand, when they are making themselves available for company work at company time, on the other hand, they work for multiple clients at the same time. It goes without saying that crucial business data is not effectively handled when freelancers are involved. The chances of creativity are slim as they save a lot of time and effort by providing a one-size-fit-all approach for the client projects.

  • Hiring Social Media Virtual Assistant

Social media remote assistants are exactly what you would like to be your in-house team, only they come with some added advantages that will be mentioned below. These professionals generally are employees of business services assistance providing companies like Curingbusy, who provide B2B clients with specialized teams for conducting repetitive as well as specialized business tasks. The best part is that they do it at half the cost of the total annual expenses of setting up an in-house team. Here are the advantages you get while hiring them:

  • Choose The Same Skilled Workforce At Half The Cost – Virtual social media assistants carry the same skill and knowledge sets that entrepreneurs search for in the full-time candidate. Due to their unparalleled experience in the field, these professionals are no less than subject matter experts in their respective fields. By hiring them, you are hiring an extended team for your company which consists of these experts, dedicated to working on your project.
  • Choose An Efficient Team With Cost-Effectiveness – When cost is always a key factor of decision-making, put your trust in the scopes of virtual social media experts. Under mutually agreed NDA, these professionals agree to the hiring clauses of the company which includes the mutually agreed package. This payment is one-time or periodical because these employees are contractual professionals. They are hired on-demand, based on the needs of the business. Virtual social media professional team is truly a scalable and versatile option for the workforce.
  • Get Access To New Age Tech-Infrastructure – In case you have no technological infrastructure to set up an in-house team, hiring virtual social media experts is a great choice. Companies like Curingbusy are upgraded with the latest technological upgrades in the form of software and tools and their virtual teammates have access to these. So even when the clients lack a proper technological framework, with just one investment of hiring these remote social media specialists, they can see their social media marketing efforts at par with other competitors.
  • Unbridled Commitment To Perfection – Professional commitment and assurance are something that is cultivated gradually with efficient work experience. Each and every social media professional from the virtual team has immense experience in their field, and hence, they provide high-quality work. Curingbusy, a reliable virtual business assistance providing company provides a 14-days money-back guarantee. This makes it easier for the entrepreneurs to try out and determine how or in what ways outsourcing bears the fruit of success for them.


To err is human, but to keep making mistakes by not learning from them is crime! When it comes to social media marketing, recurrent mistakes can never bring entrepreneurs their desired traction. The only solution here is hiring a social media Virtual Assistant team that works dedicatedly for your company’s success. Rely on Curingbusy’s talented social media Virtual Assistant team as your business’s ultimate partner of success. Connect to us at contact@curingbusy.com to learn more about our services.

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